Rocket League Tournament Recap

Start Your Engines!

Last month, on October 22nd, teams of 2 competed to stake their claim as champions at MEGAbytes 4th Rocket League Tournament.

The level of competition was high and no team was giving up their shot at a place in the final without a fight!


New Kids On The Block

rocket_league_megabytesMy team, Unicorn On The Cob, managed to scrape our way into the semi finals. This wasn't a bad place to end up despite myself only being casual Rocket League player. All credit goes to my flukiness... and more so to my team mate, who just played way better than I did!

After winning our first game against The Beeeees we were quickly knocked into the losers bracket. This might sound bad at first, but it still gave us a fighting chance at reaching the finals. All we had to do was beat the winners of the first round of the losers' bracket and then with the next 3 consecutive matches. Sure, no problem...

We met The Beeeees again for another bout and managed to scrape another win after a close game. Our championship dream was still alive!

Another few rounds with lady luck on our side brought us to the semi finals.

But alas... our dreams of making it to the finals were stripped away from us in the semis. We were matched up against It's Looking Bleak - MEGAbytes' own Nav and his team mate. We'd seen them play and they were good. Unicorn On The Cob had our work cut out for us. Fast paced rocket powered soccer commenced and the teams were neck-and-neck until the last moment. At which the filthy casual within me shone through and burned bright... landing an own goal and ending the game 5-4 to It's Looking Bleak.


Final Round. Fight!: Bumpers N Grind vs Its Looking Bleak

Bumpers N Grind & Its Looking Bleak face off in the finals.


The Main Event

The ultimate battle of rockets and leagues was a MEGAbytes derby of sorts - Bumpers N Grind (featuring MEGAbytes' Danny) versus It's Looking Bleak (featuring MEGAbytes' Nav). The other competing teams and passers-by watched in anticipation, dying to see who would emerge victorious and claim the championship title.

Everything was on the line. Each team wanted to win just as much as the other. It was best out of 5 matches so they both had to bring their A-game.

After one of the most tense and electrifying rounds of the evening Bumpers N Grind brought the thunder and smashed It's Looking Bleak 3-0, claiming their place as champions with their 4th consecutive tournament win!

Winners: Craig (left) and Danny (right) pose with their prize poster designed by Artistic Measure (


Interview With The Champions

Bumpers N Grind, congratulations on your win! How do you feel?

Danny: "We feel great! Thats our 4th win as champions"

Craig: "Cant believe we've done it again!"


And you've won the Megabytes' Rocket League Tournament for the 4th time, with back to back wins. That's a lot to live up to! Were you nervous going into the tournament?

Craig: "Oh aye! We were bricking it, after winning 3 times before we knew it was gonna be hard making it a 4th!"

Danny: "100% victories though! EZ!"


So what did your preparation look like this time around?

Craig: "This is the first time I've played it in months! (laughs)"

Danny: "Yeah I did all the preparation. Cpu matches of 1v4, that did it for me!"


And is this the only game that you play as a team on a competitive level, or can we except to see you dominating at other events in future?

Both: "On a competitive level, aye this is all we play together, for now..."


So why do you like Rocket League - what is it about the game that you enjoy the most?

Danny: "For me it's just the ease of matchmaking in it, its so easy to just keep loading up another match on it."

Craig: "Yeah what Danny said that and its easy to pick up and play but hard to master!"


And finally, is there any advice that you can give to any aspiring Rocket League players that want to take their game to the next level?

Both: "Practice, practice, practice!

Danny: "Prepare to lose a lot of matches first before you get even moderately good!"



All of the tournaments at MEGAbytes are open to players of all skill level. So don't forget to sign up for future events and test your skill across a variety of games.

The next one will be Super Smash Bros tournament on November 26th 2016.

Click here for all the event details. Don't forget to reserve your place up by sending an email to

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