Smash Bros Tournament Recap

Picture the scene.

It’s Saturday in MEGAbytes café, a busy day and there’s an excitement in the air. John has just set up the large projector screen. The lights are dimmed and the volume is cranked up. We then begin the Smash Bros WiiU tournament!

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a big event. Even our last tournament didn’t have this much hype!

Is Smash Bros our most popular event here? Were you there?




What happened? How did it go down?

In an effort to make it as fair as possible we used Challonge to work out who would fight who.
It was decided that we would have 1v1 matches, that way everyone had a much better chance of competing without getting lost in the chaos!

Some of the matches were so close that it went down to sudden death.

The excitement got too much for one of the competitors that he fainted shortly after his second match!

Luckily we have first aiders in the building. After making sure he was alright he went on to compete still and got very far through the next few fights.




There were 19 competitors who one by one faced off until there were just 4 left. All the losers from the fights then competed in the loser brackets. We had three 8 way smash fights where the top 4 from the first two matches would compete until there was a single winner. Even though items were on high they didn’t seem to throw the fairness out. Random luck didn’t match to the sheer skill involved with some of the players. The winner from this was awarded the first spot in the grand final.

From here we went back to the running competitors. There was a 10 year old who gave almost everyone a run for their money, his Pikachu took no prisoners. I think a few people were going to go easy on him until they realised how skilled a player he was! He made it all the way to the last semi final match where it went right down to the wire! Both players were down to one stock each, it was a nail-biting match. All the while the kid has been using the gamepad as controller of choice!




The grand final was nothing short of exhilarating! Ness versus Villager proved to be an all out assault for the eyes! Villager kept on the offensive while Ness proved to be quite the tactician. Ness ducked and covered hanging off the edge. Villager did not let up, keeping Ness as close to the edge as possible with several down B attacks.

It seemed evenly matched but there could only be one winner. Ness went on to claim victory in the heated battle.


The Champions

We had 3 overall winners in the tournament

10 year old Glenn won a £10 voucher for right here in MEGAbytes. Yasmin won an exclusive Artistic Measure Smash Bros print and Craig won our very first Smash Bros WiiU trophy!




We would like to thank everybody who came along and made the night what it was! We hoped you all had just as much fun as we did and don’t forget that we have Smash WiiU in the cafe so if you want to get some practice in pop in and play!

We have more tournaments, maid cafes, special events and more going here at MEGAbytes Cafe!

Why not come in and see what’s going on!




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