Alisia Dragoon: Female Role Model In Retro Gaming

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This is the first of our retro game reviews here at MEGAbytes and what better way to kick things off than with this Megadrive classic!


Story Time

alisia_dragoon_palAlisia Dragoon is an interesting platform game with an ambitious story sadly diluted for western audiences.

Game Arts worked in collaboration with anime house Gainax for the narrative and for a 16 bit game it didn’t hold back!

Alisia is the daughter of a sorcerer who has imprisoned Baldour - a great evil and main antagonist of the game - in a cocoon and sent him out beyond the planet. Her father is then tortured to death by Baldour's followers. When the “Silver Star” falls from the sky it's found to be Baldour and with the help of his followers he begins to awaken. Alisia then sets out with the aid of her familiars to defeat the evil threatening the land.

With a studio known for such intense stories such as Evangelion, Appleseed & Casshan, combined with the game developer of Lunar, Grandia & Silpheed it was no surprise that a truly brilliant game would come from this!


How Does it Play?

alisia_dragoon_02Gameplay is fast and responsive in this beautiful platform adventure. Paralax scrolling is used in some clever ways (put that down to the “Blast Processing”) with every level playing a little different to the previous one. Some will be straight-forward where as others will have you exploring the area.

Your main form of offense is shooting lightning from your hands that target your enemy (and boss’ weak points).

Alisia is not alone in her fight against Baldour’s forces. She has help from her 4 familiars, each of which supports you with their own signature attack; Dragon Frye spits fireballs, Boomerang Lizard hurls boomerangs, Thunder Raven emits a blast and Ball O' Fire burns enemies.



Rich colours, nicely animated with sprites that are tiny to gigantic! Everything is beautifully drawn.


The score has a grand feel to it. Each level feels just right with the synth tracks. Sound effects don’t seem out of place.


A game where your skill is the key factor in how well you do, there is no luck in getting through this! There is also a ranking system in place to make you go back and improve!


Overall Rating    5_burgers_rating

"5/5 burgers - a must play game!"

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