aka burger lover, aka monkey, aka the sad sega guy

John is one the original founding members of MEGAbytes. His dream was to open up a cafe where he could just combine the 2 things he loves most: food and gaming!

Some facts about John:

  • Oldest member of the team
  • Sega fan boy
  • Gym bunny
  • Can sing (were you at the karaoke?)
  • Not bad at sewing
  • Makes a pretty good coffee even though he can’t stand the stuff


Have you seen his tattoos? He’s such a nerd...

No that’s not a Gameboy tattoo ¬_¬

The man, the myth, the legend...

Not only is he serving food and drink, setting up consoles or keeping the place clean John is also a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on.

“We get quite a few customers who end up telling you their life story. I feel that it helps to listen. Even if that’s all you can do. It still helps”

More than just a pretty face

This year so far John has introduced anime discussion groups, Sega crying circles and the ongoing epic that is trying to make latte art.

John has recently started cosplaying as well. Nothing much yet, just the greatest cosplay of Avatar Aang you could ever see!

Recently John has hosted a local artist exhibition at the cafe which was very well received.

Look out for John here at MEGAbytes and don’t forget to ask him “What other consoles did Sega make after the Megadrive?”

He loves that question...